Fitting the Neck to the Body

I made a template out of fiberboard to rout the neck channel in the guitar body.  First I routed a test piece of pine.  I adjusted the template pieces several times, routing the pine deeper with each adjustment:

wpe17.jpg (14615 bytes)

I glued the template pieces together when I got the neck to fit snuggly into place, like this :-D

wpe1F.jpg (9307 bytes)

Then I transferred the template to the guitar body:

wpe17.jpg (21266 bytes)

To assure correct alignment, I inscribed pencil lines on the guitar body using the squared neck as a guide, just as I had done on the test piece of pine.  I extended those same lines on the template so I would be able to line it up on the guitar body.  It's ready to rout.

The routed channel below.  The router bit leaves curved corners, like on the right.  I squared them with a wood chisel, as I have started to do on the left corner here.

wpe17.jpg (11592 bytes)

The neck fits like a glove into its channel.  The channel is 15/16ths" deep, which will make the fingerboard sit 3/8" above the body.

wpe1F.jpg (18720 bytes)

The neck is clamped while I drill four 1/2" holes for birch dowel pins.  This is no bolt-on neck.  Glue and dowel pins will make this perform like a neck-through guitar, sez me.  That's a Forstner bit in the drill press, drills clean holes.

wpe1F.jpg (25289 bytes)

This guitar is smokin'! Mahogany tends to burn when cut too fast.

wpe25.jpg (14492 bytes)

Dowel pins in place, not glued yet:

wpe17.jpg (8265 bytes)

Dowel pins glued into the neck.  Now I can glue on the fingerboard and finish shaping the neck.

wpe17.jpg (12475 bytes)