Fingerboard glued on.  Lots of clamps.  Notice the wood blocks under the clamps are slightly curved - using the band saw again and again - to match the curve of the fingerboard.  The neck is supported underneath to make sure the mating surface is flat.

wpe17.jpg (20521 bytes)

The head stock, neck back and sides were trimmed using the band saw.   Then the neck was clamped for course sanding using a random orbital sander, sitting behind the neck.

wpe17.jpg (27171 bytes)

Here I am drilling flat-bottomed 1/4 inch holes for mahogany inlays using a Forstner bit.

wpe1F.jpg (47205 bytes)

I made another dot cutter out of a sawed-off bolt (I temporarily misplaced the bent nail I used for the other guitar).  Here it is in the drill press.  After I cut the 1/4" circles, I dug them out with a small wood chisel.   Also shown is a close up of the inlayed fingerboard.

wpe24.jpg (18480 bytes)

Here is the neck, inlayed, all shaping done.  It needs frets now.

wpe25.jpg (27951 bytes)

Fretting, using the same tools, same method I used to fret my first guitar. These frets need dressing.

wpe24.jpg (23526 bytes)