Shaping the Neck

With the band saw, I cut away roughly everything that didn't look like a bass guitar neck.  I will do more shaping later, after the fingerboard is glued on.

wpe17.jpg (10674 bytes)

Here I'm getting ready to "plane" the neck end with the router.  It must be very flat so it will glue firmly into the body.

wpe1F.jpg (11532 bytes)

It works!

wpe20.jpg (9748 bytes)

Then each side must also be routed smooth.  Clamp blocks to the neck to make sure the rout will be straight, right, true:

wpe24.jpg (16794 bytes)

Almost ready to rout.  Rrrrrr.  Need more clamps.  Always need more clamps.

wpe25.jpg (18009 bytes)

The squared neck end, with router.  Yay!

wpe26.jpg (25367 bytes)