Accelerated Chemistry 2014-2015

Teacher: Mr. Crozier


Respect everyone and everything in the classroom.

Behavior: every student has the right to learn, every teacher has the right to teach; don't do anything that disrupts learning or teaching.

Students are responsible for all aspects of the class; peer tutoring is encouraged.

Follow all laboratory safety rules.

Grading policy:
Tests and quizzes = 50 %

Lab and homework = 45 %

Participation = 5%

Course Description

This chemistry course covers all the basic concepts of chemistry, the "central science." We will cover the following topics:

Properties and changes of matter

Atoms and their structure

Using the periodic table

Formation of compounds

Types of compounds

Chemical reactions

Chemical bonding

The kinetic theory of matter

The behavior of gases

Chemical quantities

Water and solutions

Acids and bases