Getting Started

The Donor Car

Removing the ICE

Electric Motor

Adapter Plates
Installing the Motor
Brake Vacuum

12 volt Circuit


Installing the Motor

December 31. I fashioned a simple iron strap to serve as a motor bracket for the lift chain and attached the chain to the shop crane:

I pushed the car back into the lift bay, raised it up, removed the wheels and detached the ball joints. Then I swung the motor/tranny around...

...and lowered the assembly:

Here is the motor/tranny with tranny bolts in. I had to make two little aluminum spacers for one of the bolts on the rear transaxle mount, where the engine used to be. Otherwise, the transaxle simply bolted onto the old mounts:

Next I will make a bracket that will bolt to the end of the motor and bolt to the original motor mount.

Jaunary 1-2. I stood a 2x8 block of wood under the motor and lowered the car so that the motor was supported underneath and removed the crane chain. The motor has four mounting holes on the end as this early motor picture shows:

The old Honda motor mount was designed to bolt to the front of the old engine. I rotated the mount down so I can use it as an end mount.

I have 3/16ths iron plate and angle iron that I bought to practice welding. Time for more practice. Here are some pieces:

It is recommended to tack weld first to make sure the pieces are aligned properly:

I did several test fits as I constructed the mount. A big magnet holds pieces together for another tack weld:

Iron sculpture. This represents the human race and its struggle for understanding in a technolgical society:

A three-point mount should give plenty of holding power. Flip it over and bolt it in:

This seems to hold the motor very firmly. When I raised the car off the support block, the motor didn't move.

I installed the axles, tightened the ball joints, connected the torque rod and shift linkage:

January 3. I put the wheels on and lowered the car. I attached longer electric wires to the motor so I could power the car from a battery on the floor inside. I rolled the car out of the garage, then tried first and reverse gears. The car rolls slowly and quietly on a small 12 volt battery (sped up gif image below):

It runs!

Next: batteries.

March 8 follow up. With a couple of nice weekend days, I pulled the motor mount, primed, painted and reinstalled it. Before painting it, I bent it a little in the vise to make it fit without twisting the rubber engine mount: