Cold Fusion

I have been interested in cold fusion since it was first reported by Dr. Stanley Pons and Dr. Martin Fleischmann at the University of Utah in 1989.  I wanted this to be a true story, to get power from water.  MIT initially reported to Bush the father that fusion was not the explanation, and Pons and Fleichmann left the country to continue research in France, funded by Japan.  Scientists have continued to work on this phenomenon, with mixed but interesting results.  Some, including the US Navy, report with confidence that fusion must be occurring.  I believe, in the words of Bob Dylan, that something is happening here, but I don't know what it is.  What I know is that universities get a lot of money to study hot fusion, that a lot of lip service is paid to developing other sources of power besides fossil fuels, and that the projected goals for implementing these alternative sources of power are always about 40 years from now.  I remember about 30 years ago that breakthroughs in atomic theory were required to reach that 40 year goal.   Could cold fusion be one of those breakthroughs?  Before I do any cold fusion experiments, I thouht I should tinker with a much older form of energy conversion, the steam engine

Here are some links to cold fusion sites: This article was prepared by a group called the National Capital Area Skeptics.  They conclude that the US Government should not investigate cold fusion.

The US Navy produced a big report which supports cold fusion and recommends that the US Government fund cold fusion research.

The Forward and summary can be found here:

Conclusions from the Forward of the Navy research:

"Although funding for Cold Fusion ended several years ago, progress in understanding the phenomenon continues at a much slower pace, mostly through the unpaid efforts of dedicated inquisitive scientists. In preparation of this report the authors spent countless hours outside of their normal duties to jointly review their past and current contributions, including the "hidden" agenda that Professor Fleischmann pursued for several years in the 1980s when he was partially funded by ONR. Special thanks are extended to all scientists who have worked under these conditions, including those who contributed to this report and especially to Professor Fleischmann.

As I write this Foreword, California is experiencing rolling blackouts due to power shortages. Conventional engineering, planned ahead, could have prevented these blackouts, but it has been politically expedient to ignore the inevitable. We do not know if Cold Fusion will be the answer to future energy needs, but we do know the existence of Cold Fusion phenomenon through repeated observations by scientists throughout the world. It is time that this phenomenon be investigated so that we can reap whatever benefits accrue from additional scientific understanding. It is time for government funding organizations to invest in this research.

Dr. Frank E. Gordon
Head, Navigation and Applied Sciences Department
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego" Good questions raised here.

More cold fusion links: