Free Energy

Here are some links to free energy sites. A page on the SMOT device, which claims to be a free energy demonstrator.  I made a SMOT device out of magnets, wood, and a small ball bearing.  The ball rolls uphill!   It falls off the ramp at the end of the run, but only if it is allowed to fall below its original height. As the ball falls off the edge, it is still under the influence of the magnets that pulled it uphill.  I am skeptical.  If anyone has gotten this to work, why hasn't the page been updated since 1999? More free energy links, from Weird Science.  Good advice at the top of this page.   I started to make a Bedini-like motor but I have stalled in pursuit of other things.  There is always something to do, and alas, I am still brainwashed by the laws of thermodynamics. More links to other free energy devices. This site has lists of energy devices or ideas ranked in several useful categories. (Firefox won't open this page!) Some inspiring pages, but what do these devices actually DO?

If any of these things really work, why can't you buy one at the novelty store?   You can buy all sorts of gadgets to put on your desk at work, or on your bookshelf in your living room.  Someone would market it, make a bazillion of them in China.

If anyone has a working free energy device, tell me what it does and how to make it.   Email me on my Contact page.

Bill Crozier, February, 2003, links updated February 2005.