Media Formats

When you click on a song or video link, your computer should give you options to listen, watch or download the file. (On a PC, you can right-click and download the file to your computer.)  If you download the file, you can play it whenever you want.

You may need to download certain players to hear music or watch videos on this site. You can get them free by clicking on the links below. If the links don't work, try seaching for them.

Real Format

Real Player is required to listen to Real Audio and to watch Real Video. You will need version 9 or later to watch some of the videos. I use Real format because it is already installed on many computers and it makes small files. Get Real Player free here: 

wpe3.jpg (1545 bytes)


mp3 files are much larger than Real files but are close to CD quality. Windows and Apple media players can play these files, or you can find other mp3 players on line.


Some animations were created using Macromedia Flash.You will need Flash Player to watch them.  Your computer may try to get the player for you!  If not, click on the "f" below to get it free from Macromedia.

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