Songs on the Wind

Songs on the Wind

Copyright 2018 by Bill Crozier

1. That's my Clutch

Flywheel rust, asbestos dust (chorus)

That's my clutch, that's my clutch

As best I can, as best I must

That's my clutch, that's my clutch

Lying under the dashboard all day

Trying to save the old blue getaway

Laying hot iron like peanut butter

'Xcuse the mess, better move this clutter


Under the dash trying to find a smile

Gotta get out, gotta go ten miles

A song every week, a song on the wind

Wait for December before I begin

Wind from the south, I'm not surprised

It's mid November and I'm out for a ride


2. Sci-Fi Song

I glide across the smooth gray rock

In my little flyer

I tip back the wings and lock

To fly a little higher

Sometimes I fly off to the east

I head north and stall 'em

I like to fly behind the geese

At least that's what I call 'em

I've been out here twenty years (chorus)

That's a long long time

A voice is saying in my ear

Sing another rhyme

I thought I fixed the solenoid

When I replaced the coil

It still squeaks, I'm still annoyed

I'll add a little oil

(instrumental, chorus)

Weaving into traffic

As I near my destination

Pack away 15 K

Get off the reservation

I don't wonder why I run

I can't run any faster

Good-by moon and double sun

I'm on to greener pastures

(chorus, first verse)

3. Joe

I finally met the neighbor

Moved in five months ago

I finally met the neighbor

His name is Joe

He's got a red beard

That's all I know oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Across the street he came

He told me his name

I told him the same

Who's to blame

If we never ever meet aga a a a a a a a a ain

4. Orion

Orion rises over the sea

My pockets in my hands

Bally's, Caesars on the lee

Venus in the sands

I wade in to see her brightly shine

I see the Moon and she's silver lined

I feel the rumble of the waves

As they tumble in the night

I see the white caps ghostly blaze

In the flashing neon lights

And so it goes on and on

The long night ends at dawn

Big screen shining on the sand (chorus)

Cut the check, Nip and tuck

Big screen shining on the land

What the heck, what the f*ck

(instrumental, chorus)

I tried to get the picture

As I walked out on the sand

I tried to hear the scripture

But I don't understand

And so it goes on and on

The long night ends at dawn

(chorus, first verse)

5. Apocalyptic Screen Saver

I go now, I go later

To the silo in the dark

Apocalyptic screen saver

Show my view of Central Park

Think of Lost, second season

Spin the vinyl on the plate

There about a thousand reasons

Why you'd always get up late

Or I buy a little island (chorus)

I open up my purse

Survival of the fittest

In the twenty first

I climb up the mighty tower

Suck the power from the wind

I go down and take a shower

Never can go home again

(repeat chorus)

6. Plea to Marty

Marty McFly

Get in the DeLorean

Go back in time

Stop Biff Tannen!

Running for President

Two thousand sixteen

We'll wake on the porch

And come out of the dream

Don in the big house

Watches part two

Of Back to the Future

He gets half way through

How did he ever get to

Be head of state?

He reminds me of

All the people I hate

(instrumental, repeat first verse)

It's not a dream it's a nightmare


7. Saturday

It's Saturday, make hay,

Catch a ray, time to play

What she say, don't say nay

Café au lait, I'm OK

Cash your pay, holiday

Get away, don't delay

Rock away, come what may

Milky Way, hit the hay

It's Saturday

8. Snow Day

I dream a dreamy dream about the snow

Snow is on the way

Everyone wishing for a snow day

The student and the teacher

The heathen and the preacher

I hope for any feature

That takes me far away

Waiting for a snow day (chorus)

On the Jersey plain

They say it's gonna snow but

Then it starts to rain

I lie abed and hear the telephone

The phone at 5 O'clock

So I won't be driving down the long block

I don't hear a car

I don't see any star

I get up in the dark

And I put on my socks


I go down and check the old machine

I'm ready for the blues

I know the scene, I can see the clues

This weather really blows

Icy rain and snow

The school already knows

And so they spread the news

(Message instrumental, chorus, first verse, chorus)

9. Ho(a)rse

I leave the stable for the paddock

I leave the paddock for the track

I ride by a salt lake full of haddock

I'm never coming back

I ride out on the prairie

I ride a little farther every day

You ask what do I carry

A little less each day

Do di di di di... (chorus)

Do di di di di doo doo

Do di di di di... Do di di di di doo di di doo

Everyone says aren't you gonna miss it

I laugh until they turn away in fear

I'll miss it as far as I can piss it

Get this horse in gear

(chorus, first verse)

10. Tennis

Little green ball and a racket

Cracked clay court and a net oooo

Can't take it back, you can't hack it

Call it like I see, play a set

Serve it in the square, serve it anywhere

Try not to kill another bird oooo

Can't blame the wind, it's everywhere

The worst excuse I ever heard

Tennis anyone (chorus)

Tennis only one, tennis only two

Tennis anyone, tennis only one

Tennis only you

Still the same, just a game, it's only fair

When you get to play even match oooo

You fight like a gir', you fight like a bear

When you haven't got a train to catch

(chorus, instrumental, repeat first verse, chorus)

11. Back to Nature

I turn right on Orchard Road

Hope to see some fruit trees

Only single family homes and

Empty lots I see

At one time I imagine there were

Rows of apple trees

I go by a wooded lot

Trees with twisted vines

All along the Lake Road

The land is parched and dry

The eagle 'top the pine tree

I hear him cry

Back to nature on my lot

Back to nature hits the spot

Back to nature touch the sky

Every time I go outside

My newly planted lawn

Is drinking all my water

I quit my job, I changed the plan

I'm doing what I ought-er

Chicken Little tried to run but

I went out and caught her

Back to nature here I go

Back to nature start the show

Back to nature build a wall

Before the sky has fallen

I've dreamed about a farm

Since I was just a boy

I'd grow all I need

Like barley, peas and soy

Every year I try it out, I just get annoyed

Back to nature on my mind

Back to nature read the sign

“Back to Nature” business card

Go to work in my backyard

12. Blood from a Stone

I take you home (chorus)

Give you blood from a stone

Put my cards on the table

You know what I mean

In your eye is a gleam

Like the girl in the stable

I took you away from home

I'll take you back again

Even though everyone

Says it can't be done

I still have no plane

So I'll buy you a ticket

When you look the other way

Then I'll stow away

(chorus, instrumental)

You close your eyes

It's a sign

You close your eyes

It's a sign of love

(chorus, first verse)

13. Wreck Your Own Plants

I'll get a start

Start on the season

No frost on the chart

There's a good reason

I take a trip

Get Mr. Stripey, Mr. Surly

You want a tip?

Plant your corn early

I wish I heeded ma cherie (chorus)

As she flew off to France

Wait for weather fair

Or you'll wreck your own plants

Now Weather Bob sings

The patchy frosty song

He gets to keep his job

Though he always gets it wrong


No matter if you're sycophantic

Or your name is Rosencrantz

It matters if you can or can't

Don't wreck your own plants

Got veggies congelée

I should have rightly known

Don't plant in early May

In the Twilight Zone


14. Loose Ends

Loose ends every day I've got to tie up

Loose ends, tie them up before tomorrow

I'm checking out of the rat races

I'm a six pack short of two cases


I'm checking out of the rat races

I'm a six pack short of two cases

Loose ends every day I've got to tie up

Loose ends, tie them up before tomorrow

15. Happy

Happy crowd cheering

End of year nearing

I strum an old 6-string

As I sing

Ask a bass to follow

Viola and a cello

I play piano

Could someone play the drum?

(Instrumental, repeat first verse)

16. Get Out

Got behind bus 809

It made me late for work

Can only happen one more time

I'm getting off the Earth

Why's everyone so mad at me

It's not 'cause I'm a singer

Jack is jealous, Patty glares then she

Gives me the finger

I'm gettin' out while the gettin's good (chorus)

That's as soon as I could if I'm not misunderstood

Get out! Get out! Get out!

Put the good stuff in the box

I choose what I will keep

Leaving all the little foxes

I'm not a creep

(vintage organ instrumental, chorus)

After 20 years

You know I'm gonna miss you

But I'm leaving without fear

Without a single tissue


17. Limb from Limb

Je vais y aller

Afin qu'ils puissent manger

Le coq et les poulets

Quelque chose les a tués! 

It could have been a fox, a coyote or a weasel (chorus)

I'd draw little picture if I had a little easel

I'd dig a little hole if I had a little diesel

It tore them limb from limb

Now they're lying by the trim

By the field, by the the tree

On the lawn

I rebuilt their house

It's not like I don't know how

Good advice, measure twice

Sing a song

(chorus, first verse)

18. Just Another Bus

I saw a school bus in the summertime

It's no biggie, what's the fuss?

I feel no shiver running down my spine

It's just another bus!

It's Back-To-School at the department store

I'll buy a binder for my songs

I don't have to worry anymore

I thought about it for so long...

(So long already!)

I already paid the fare (chorus)

It's time to pass the torch

I don't need a rocking chair

To rock out on the porch

I've given forty years to get my pay

Now I'm doing what I can

Though I'm working every day

I'm not working for the Man


19. So Many Songs

The're only so many bells to be rung

So some of my songs sound like

Others I've sung

But who's gonna tell me so

Elvis Costello?

The seed starts to grow as I

Hunger and thirst

The first shall be last and

The last shall be first

But who's gonna turn me in

Elton and Bernie?

You find a tree in the forest

When you're in the show, Biz

Let's all sing, it's the chorus

That's what the chorus is

I looked at my watch and I'm ready to go

Turning around I see someone I know

Oh, I know them all

John, George, Ringo and Paul

(chorus, first verse, end on C7)

20. Little Diesel

I no longer look in your back yard

In case I'd see a Case or an old Ford

I got a little diesel

I drew it on my easel

I colored it with crayons

Crayola 64's

Don't have a verse that's half as good as that

I'll go back inside and hang my hat

I'll be back tomorrow

I'll dig up the yard-o

But before I start it

I'll check it for the cat

21. AT

We hiked the AT

Went the wrong way twice

We looked at the signs

Running out of time

Rocks in our heads

Better off live

So we stick to the plan

With the sun in our eyes

We started to turn

Get the sun at our backs

So we could reach the car

Before it got dark

We finally arrived

At the rocks on the hill

I should have been happy

But I'm angry still

We hiked the AT

Went the wrong way twice

But we still reached the car

Before it got dark

Yeah we still reached the car

Before it got dark

22. Talk to the Chickens

I talk to the chickens like they were people

Because you are far from me

Je parle aux poulets

Comme ils sont des gens

Parce que tu est loin de moi

They look so nice and juicy

“When will you lay some eggs?”

Elles sont tres jolies

Quand allez-vous pondre des oeufs?”

(repeat first verse)

23. Airport Reprise

I take you to the airport

I don't need a song

Take 295

To the turnpike

Pee with Molly Pitcher

Shine on Edi-son

“Rahway” rings a bell

And “Metuchen”

I'll walk you to the gate, I'll try not to choke

It's hard to say goodbye at the airport

Exit 13 A where jets all in the air

B all you can B on Level 3

I park the car, row one-oh-far

When I get back you're all checked in

I walk you to the gate

I try not to choke

It's hard to say goodbye at the airport

Going back is easy

Straight run down New Jersey

We're shot like bullets from a gun

(Li'l instrumental)

I walked you to the gate

I tried not to choke...

I go back to the airport

Two months on my own

Rush hour crunch up the Turnpike

Arrival gate, hurry up and wait

You walk through the door at 9 PM

I meet you at the gate, I try not to choke

I love to say hello at the airport

24. Nansen

Nansen grew up in old Norway

Became an Arctic explorer

When he went north

The northern lights shocted him

He didn't know what they were

On the way he shot bears and seals

“Crazy Nansen,” thought some guys

Because he wanted to ski

Across Greenland

From one side to the other side

“Nansen, the madman” (chorus)

Said Eva Sars his girlfriend

'Cause he had the crazy plan

To ski across Greenland (Greenland)

After he did it, he made a strange plan

To reach the coldest clime

He came closer to the North Pole

Than any other man at that time


Nansen grew up in old Norway

Became an Arctic explorer

25. Write a Song

Write a song, right or wrong, not too long

Tune the ax, fill the cracks, just the facts

Bet it's true, let it stew, have a brew

What's it for, hear me roar, shut the door

Makes me laugh, Bishop's Staff

Kicks my ass

Go to sleep, let it steep, make me weep

Bend the knee, set me free, change the key

End of line, make it rhyme, change the time

I pass highway 61 before I realize

I don't know how I got here

I'm really quite surprised

Say it once, say it twice

Say it one more time

I have to say it thrice to keep it on my mind

If it seems to disappear I go that way again

ASAP I make it clear with pencil or a pen

Say it once, say it twice

Say it one more time

I have to say it thrice to keep it on my mind (repeat twice...end on G)

Change the time, make it rhyme, end of line

Change the key, set me free, bend the knee

Make me weep, let it steep, go to sleep

Kicks my ass, Bishop's Staff

Makes me laugh

Shut the door, hear me roar, what's if for?

Have a brew, let it stew, bet it's true

Just the facts, fill the cracks, tune the ax

Not too long, right or wrong, write a song

26. Eclipse

There're a million extra people on the road to Tennessee (chorus)

Under the shadow of the moon is where they wanna be

Friendly breakfast at the lodge, biscuit with some gravy

Watch the clock we're going south, already had my coffee

The moon bites into the sun, we get a little thrill

As Darlin' pours eclipse shots at Kenny's Bar and Grill


The wind begins to blow,

Cicadas start to shout

A mosquito tried to bite my ear

As the sun went out

That's got to be Mercury

Venus shining bright

It's like I never saw them

In the morning or the night


I know it's not the end of worlds

t just feels that way

Some guy is playing bagpipes

A quarter mile away

Stop and sleep in Roanoke

And leave the road alone

Morning hike off Eighty-One

To move our aching bones

There're a million extra people

On the road from Tennessee

Under the shadow of the moon

Is where they wanna be