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First Concrete

June 1, 2007

The concrete arrived at 3 PM. The driver appraised the situation, then shot concrete into the trench. It took about an hour, concrete rushing like a river down the chute into the trenches. He called the mix self-leveling. OK! Here is the west trench, concrete glisstening in the afternoon sun:

The east trench. This one was overfilled, so we dragged the concrete southward using garden rakes, hoes and a shovel. Thanks, kids.

If I did this again, I would add a few more rebar stakes along the trenches and I would mark their locations at the top of the trench so I could find them if the concrete covered them up. I had five stakes in the long trenches including one corner stake at each end, and four stakes in the short trenches including the corner stakes.

After the pour, I cut and drilled a jig to hold the J-bolts for the center piers. The lally columns will be attached to the piers using these. Below the jig is the pier hole filled with concrete. To the right is the trusted friend of the weekend warrior, a roll of duct tape:

J-bolts in. I measured and placed a mason's line to make sure the j-bolts were aligned correctly.

The next day, j-bolts set, jig removed:

Level corner. See the tip of the rebar stake at the top of the picture:

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