Garage Home

Benches and Shelves

Time to use some of the weathered wood in front of the garage. I moved a few pieces into the auto bay, 2 2x12's previously used as scaffolds, and various 2x6's:

I sized a 2x6 frame by laying 2x6's on the 2x12's. I cut 18.5 inch long 2x6's for the short pieces. This will leave a lip along the front of the bench in case I want to clamp something to the edge. I screwed the frame together using 3" deck screws:

Four legs screwed on:

Six legs on, back stop nailed on, top screwed down:

March 23. When I finished the south interior wall, I built a workbench against that wall. I snapped a chalk line high enough to miss the lower outlets:

I nailed short 2x6's into long 2x6's and nailed the long 2x6's into the studs. Then I nailed an 18' 2x8 to the front:

Not happy with the height (too high) I pried the assembly off the wall, cut a notch in the back for the outlet and lowered it. I then finished it with some split and weathered 2x10's for legs, and 18' 2x8's for the top. Very solid!

July 3. I would like to have mezzanine shelves around the garage. Here is the first one, along the south wall. I nailed together a 2' x 8' frame out of 2x4's, then screwed two uprights to the front. I measured the width of the frame (23 3/4") so that the uprights would screw right into the ceiling joists. I made the height 20" so standard storage containers would fit. Here is the first section in place, nailed into the studs along the walls. Note the level blue chalk line:

Here are the other sections. I built them like the first one on the flat garage floor. I love framing. How many times have I said that?

All sections up:

Half-inch plywood cut and screwed down. I staggered the plywood so that it overlaps the breaks in the three sections. 20' long shelf, done:

October 2008. Another bench (for welding) and more shelving installed. These shelves are 3/4" plywood left over from flooring, so I put fewer supports underneath: