Garage Home


I first considered a 24x24' building but friends suggested that it should be at least 50% bigger than I think I need. I decided on a 24x40' building. I based my design on the barn in Wagner's book, but considered a gambrel roof to increase attic storage space. Here is an early design I made using 3ds Max, my 3d drawing and animation program. Garage doors on the short side, 2x6 lumber in the walls, 24" centers, monoslab foundation:

The design changed as I reflected on location, advice, cost. I changed the roof to a simpler gable roof, put the garage doors on the long side, went to 16" centers to allow for 1/2" plywood on the roof, changed the foundation to cinderblock on concrete footings:

Here are some details as presented in my construction permit application, submitted in March 2007:

The building will have 100 amp electric sevice for lights, wood shop and auto shop tools.

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