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Digging the Electric Trench

May 4, 2007

I rented a backhoe again. It came with a 12" bucket! The rental company said they would swap it with a bigger bucket, but while I had the smaller bucket, I dug the electric trench. Here is a guide line for the electric trench:

I couldn't make a single straight trench because of the little cedar tree, hence the bend in the line.

Digging, code requires a two foot deep trench:

I dug across the driveway, then turned the backhoe around to get close to the house:

Trench dug:

Here is 1.5" schedule 40 PVC for underground electric wire in the trench.

I ran a piece of wire through it before I ran it around the corner so I will be able to pull electric and phone lines through it later. Here is a worm's eye view from the garage end of the conduit:

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