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The Floor

October 14. I cleaned out the garage, picked up all the scraps of 2x6's, 2x8's, 2x12's left over from cutting studs, rafters, beams. Now there is room for the car:

October 18. I have spent a couple hours shifting and leveling gravel. On the right is a simple tool made from a broken 2x6 for pushing and leveling gravel. The shovel and the wheelbarrow help, too. There are two depressions in the gravel on the far end. One is against the wall, one is just after the second steel column. These will allow a thicker concrete floor where the auto lift will go:

October 20. After talking to a man from the concrete company, I added some gravel around the inside edges, filled the cinderblock holes with gravel, and removed the pressure treated sill at the doorway. The floor is ready for concrete:

October 21. While waiting for concrete, I finished framing the north gable end wall. See details on the north wall here.

October 22. The concrete floor was poured today. When I got home at 4 PM, it looked like this. Flat, level, smooth floor. Sweet! The swirl marks are left from the trowel machine, I imagine. They are surface marks with no depth:

As I was taking the picture above, a man from the concrete company returned to cut the control joints. I helped him snap the chalk lines. Then he used a gas-powered saw on wheels to make 1" deep cuts in the floor. If cracks form, these saw cuts give the floor specific straight lines along which to crack:

Cut floor, broom swept in this flash picture:

October 26. I brought in some wet 2x10's and 2x12's. I'm ready to start building the staircase. It's raining, but that doesn't matter since I have a covered garage with a nice floor. :

Addendum: here is a floor pic taken two months later showing a hairline crack at one of the columns, as is supposed to happen:

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