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Framing Inspection

The framing inspector came on Friday, February 15. He found a few items needing attention. There were little things like missing nails in some joist hangers around the skylight, and no "firestop" caulk in the holes where the electric wires go through the top plate. There were big things like a shaking gable wall and the stairwell header too close to the first step off the landing.

February 16. I hammered in the missing nails:

I caulked the holes with firestop caulk:

February 22. This picture from the "Stairs" page shows how close the stairwell header is to the stairway. This bothered me a little, but not enough to do anything about it until now:

The goal is to move the header back one foot. I measured and marked the floor, cut it out with the circular saw:

With the floor cut away, I could cut the joists with the circular saw. Then I used a hammer to knock the joist out of the joist hanger. You can see the pencil marks where I will make the final cuts:

Another view. Hopefully, I can save this side of the header, with joist hangers mounted:

I cut the front header piece with the circular saw, used the crow bar to crack and pry off the piece:

I was able to save the back piece. Yay!

I bent up the double joist hangers prying them off the joists, but I was able to bang them back into shape with hammer and anvil (big vise). Here is the header in the new location, from below:

From above:

February 23. The north gable wall is tall. Here is a view before the lift was installed:

The inspector said it shakes, needs to be braced. There is no second floor on this side to stabilize the wall. One solution is to "balloon frame," run 2x6's from the bottom plate to the rafters. Four will be enough and they will be nailed to existing studs. I chose the studs on each side of each window. I cut into the top plate with a reciprocating saw:

I finished the cut with a hand saw:

After a bit of filing with a rasp, I fit a 12' 2x6 into the notch and nailed it to the studs:

The second one required a 16' 2x6:

With these new studs in place, the wall is much more rigid. Two more to go.

I finished the balloon framing and called for reinspection. The framing inspector approves on February 27.