Garage Home


July 6, 2007. Ready to frame. The 2x6's on the right have been cut to 91.5". Adding the bottom plate and double top plates will make a framed wall 8 feet high. The 2x6's on the left back corner are waiting to be cut. The 2x6's in the middle are the top and bottom plates.

The top and bottom plates have been lined up and marked using a carpenter's square with stud distances. X for regular stud, K for king stud, J for jack stud, C for cripple stud, B for corner block (photo enhanced to show detail):

On the underside of the bottom plate, I measured and drilled holes to allow for the anchor nuts:

Start the wall. These studs are nailed with 16d nails:

I periodically check the wall for squareness using my big wooden square. If not square, I tap the end of a plate until square:

July 8. Here is one framed section of the first wall, ready for sheathing:

July 9. I had some issues with jack studs and rough opening size. Fixed that.

July 11. Sheathing. The OSB siding is lined up over the framed wall. Since it is square, it is a good guide to see if the wall is square. I tapped the end studs to adjust, then nailed on the siding. I nailed over the rough opening of the window. Then cut with the circular saw. The sheathing extends 3.5" below the bottom plate to give a 2" overhang on the block wall. I snapped a blue chalk line to show me where to nail along the bottom.

Here is a northeast wall section temporarily nailed to boards nailed to the sill plate and a cleat in the ground, awaiting other wall sections to nail it to.

July 13. North wall complete:

Beautiful as the wall is, it is a barrier. It's time to level the floor while I can still easily remove dirt from the area. Next: Preparing for the Slab.