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Gutters are required by code to keep water away from the foundation. I chose vinyl gutters for low maintenance and price. {There is probably little difference in price between aluminum and vinyl gutter systems. Vinyl gutters are cheaper than aluminum gutters, but the vinyl hooks are more expensive...) Getting started here on the east side:

I attached a taut string from one end of the fascia to the other. It starts on the north end about 4 5/8" from the bottom of the fascia and ends at the south end about 4" from the bottom of the fascia, giving slightly more than 1/8" slope per 10 linear feet of gutter, as per instructions. Here is a view of the string. The gutter hook is screwed in just below the string:

Here is the first section of the gutter installed:

The end caps and joiners use a bead of flexible plastic as a sealer. You can see the black seal in this picture of a joiner:

Top view:

Joined and sealed:

The dropout is attached to the fascia:

A 6 inch section of gutter is cut from a 10 foot section, endcap attached, then mounted on the fascia with a hook. The last gutter section is measured and cut to slide into the dropout. Both gutter sections at the dropout are free to move in the dropout to allow for expansion and contraction. The east side gutter is done. I will install the downspout after the siding is done. Now I can take down the scaffold.

November 23. The west gutter is done, scaffold removed:

With the scaffolds down, I can wrap the building and put on siding.