Garage Home

Interior Walls

February 18. While waiting for framing inspection, I set up saw horses to hold many sheets of OSB:

I painted them with an oil-based primer:

Then top-coated with flat white latex.

March 1. The garage passed the framing inspection last week. Now I can close up the interior walls. I started with an easy section, no outlets, switches or windows. First staple up some insulation:

After insulation, measure, cut and screw on a painted OSB panel:

Insulation is cut with a utility knife to fit all the spaces:

I moved the light switch closer to the garage door and measured the distance to the light switch from the edge the 2x6 on the left. I made the same measurement on the OSB panel. In the foreground, you see the hole cut for the light switch:

Here is the corner with fitted wall panels:

The window area has many little stud bays. I cut and fit insulation into each bay:

For the window opening, I measured distances like I did for exterior sheathing. I screwed the panel to the wall, drew lines on the panel, then cut out the window with the circular saw.

Here is the window hole along with the next panel:

March 8. Prep the wall at the electric panel:

I nailed metal plates on this corner stud to protect the Romex. I had to drill close to the edge of the stud in this corner because of the close neighboring stud:

I used an air cutoff tool to cut the plate. Fireworks!

The corner of the first wall:

March 17. I worked on the south wall next so I could build a woodshop bench:

I finished this wall and built a woodshop bench. With nicer weather, I stopped working on inside walls and did the siding. I will finish the insulation and walls after I get the building inspected.

October, 2008. I finally got back to the east wall because I wanted to install a welder's bench. Here is a section I finished on October 9, including an 8 foot long welder's bench:

On October 13, I finished the rest of the wall:

October 2008.