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August 3. Before I could hang any joists, I had to make sure the long walls were straight. I nailed scrap 2x6 blocks to the the corners of the building and ran mason's lines between them. Then I could slip a test block under the string along the wall to see if it was straight.

I pushed and braced the wall until the string touched the test block. Here is the braced east wall. I used the sturdy column bases to secure the bottom of the braces:

The west wall didn't have its top plate yet. I straightened the wall and nailed on the top plate. This picture shows the west top plate overlapping the north wall, locking the two walls together:

To hang joists, I marked off vertical lines every 16"and nailed one side of the joist hanger to the beam:

Then I dropped in the 2x8 joist and nailed on the other side of the hanger. This picture also shows post and beam detail:

Here are the first eight joists in hangers. The joist hangers make this a one-person job. Lean one end of the joist on the wall, walk the other end up the ladder and into the joist hanger, nail it in.

August 5. This shows the double joists on each side of the future stairway:

The second row of joists is begun. See the temporary floor? Convenient for holding tools and materials:

August 7. All the joists are in.

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