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October 18, 2008. I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. I have always been a weekend mechanic, carpenter, plumber, electrician. Now I am a weekend machinist as well. Here is a Model 200 Logan metal lathe, sold to Delta Equipment Company on May 13, 1942:

I bought it on October 17, 2008. What's it for? Shaping and reshaping parts out of metal, wood or plastic. I want to make another steam engine, like the one on this page.

I also got this old, old power hacksaw:

It needs to be cleaned and painted. Here it is running forever:


Here is an old Craftsman wood lathe:

It needs a ganged pulley for the motor and a better motor mount but it works.

November 1, 2008. I got a Harbor Freight 1-ton shop crane for my birthday, folds up nicely (inset):

I needed to operate on the monster hacksaw (some frayed wiring to replace) so I used the crane to lift it onto the auto lift:

Here is the saw at a comfortable working height: