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Moving a Shed

April 1, 2007

On the spot where I want the garage was a 10' x 16' wood frame shed. I had to move it to a new spot where it will become a farm building: chicken coop and feed storage.

First, empty the shed:

Jack up one end. To give the jack a firm hold on the shed, I nailed a 2x8 through the wall into the studs.

I slid galvanized pipe under the shed to reduce friction. I looped a strong chain over a frame member under the van, then bolted the chain to another 2x8 nailed to the shed. I used 1/4" screw eyes into the 2x8 at first.

I tried to pull the shed, but the eyes were not strong enough:

I drilled through the 2x8 and the wall and used 1/2" and 5/16" bolts (that's what I had in my big bolt box) to attach the chain. With this arrangement, I was able to pull the shed about 6 feet:

Next, I tried sliding 12 foot 2x6's under the jacked up shed and putting the pipes between the wood and the shed. This let me pull the shed about 25 feet before friction brought it to a stop.

Click on the picture below to watch the shed move. I didn't know about the cat until I watched the movie later:

I continued in this way, moving it 25 feet at a time. A moving shed can be dangerous to the local plant life, too. The shed almost took out this little pear tree:

I finally got it to its new home in the chicken yard, ripped out the side wall (second time!):

I consider this a success. The shed is moved and I can continue with my garage. For a better move, see my second try here: Moving a Shed Again.

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