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North Gable End Wall

October 21. While waiting impatiently for the floor to be poured, I framed the north gable end wall:

You can see my trusty stool in this picture. I had to stand on it to nail the tops of the studs to the end rafters:

I like framing, drawing lines with wood:

October 28. After making the first stair steps, the weather cleared so I removed the temporary floor over the auto bay. This floor had to come down before I could sheath the last bit of wall.

This is a big room:

October 29. I installed scaffolding on the north wall, put in a few toenails that I couldn't do with the temporary joists in place. I'm ready to finish this wall:

October 30. 4 sheets of OSB almost cover it:

Here is another view:

October 31. All the pieces are cut and in place:

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