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Preparing for the Slab

July 14, 2007. First I used the backhoe to move the sandy piles of excavated dirt into the trenches. Then I scraped off the top soil and dumped it over the wall:

Here is a view from the other end after the ground was scraped and sloped toward the garage door openings. Also shown on the left: 24 tons of gravel. This is called Quarry Blend, a mix of various size stones and fines, designed to pack well:

July 15. I put down a vapor barrier over the dirt, 4 mil plastic sheet. I took this picture from the top of the gravel pile:

Click on the image below to see a small video of the loading and dispersing of a shovel of gravel. I had to make a gravel pathway for the loader as I entered the garage so as not to tear the vapor barrier with the big machine.

Here is the spread gravel. There is a small pile left over, for the driveway, landscaping, etc. I have started working on the next frame in this picture:

The gravel will be raked again before pouring the slab. I probably won't pour the slab until the roof is on, to keep the sun off it while it is drying.

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