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August 25. Before I could nail on any decking, I had to attach hurricane ties to each rafter and nip off the tip of the joists to allow for the decking. This picture, taken after the decking was installed, shows a tie and the nipped joist:

Here is the first course of 4x8' 1/2" plywood decking:

August 26. Second course up, third course started. The bottom row of roof cleats has 2x4's nailed perpedicular to 2x6's for extra foot room. The top of the third row can be safely nailed from the platform on the second floor. The last row will be the most interesting...

August 27. The full moon rises through the rafters. I built a sturdy stool to put on the platform on the second floor. This allows us to nail the upper nails of the forth course from the ridge. There is an 11" gap at the top so I will cut 9.5" wide strips to fill it. This will leave a 1.5" gap for the ridge vent:

August 29, 3:30 AM. Orion rises over the garage, under a bright moon. I have sheathed over the skylight hole. I will cut it out later with my cordless circular saw.

September 2. It took two days to nail four courses of decking on the east roof, less than half the time it took for the west roof. Live and learn. This picture shows roof jacks at the bottom of the roof. Above the jacks, we reused the wide cleats from the west roof. Still lots of trimming to do:

Upstairs inside looking north. A little light shines in the west side through the ridge vents. More light shines through the east side because the last little course has not been nailed on yet:

Upstairs looking south. You can see the stool I made on top of the platform. The top of decking near the ridge can be nailed when standing on the stool:

September 9. Some details need to be attended to before the shingles go on. Skylight installed, shrouded with tar paper. Subfascia (1x4 pine board) and PVC rakeboard is nailed to the end rafter, flush with the plywood decking. Then white aluminum drip edge is nailed to the subfascia.

September 11. On the northwest roof edge, you can see I have only gotten as far as the subfascia. Yesterday, I climbed to the second plank and found that I still couldn't easily reach the top edge where I needed to trim the edge of the decking. I reached up with the claw of my hammer and pulled myself up to the ridge, then sat on the ridge to trim the decking with a hand saw.

September 14. All the trim is on, front and back. This picture shows the front trim complete except for the drip edge along the front:

With all the trim done, it's time for shingles.

September 15. It rained all night and into the morning so I had to wait for the roof to dry up. I nailed some studs in the north gable end wall. This picture also shows trim detail:

I finished the south gable end wall in the morning. In the afternoon the roof was dry and we started nailing on shingles. Two of us could lift a bundle of shingles up to the scaffold. When we couldn't lay any more shingles from the scaffold, I put up roof jacks and planks. That slowed us down, but we worked until dusk. I took this picture this morning, September 16:

The east roof was shingled by evening, September 19. On September 21, I trimmed most of the edges and removed the jacks and planks:

September 22. Almost half way up the west side:

September 23. More shingles and all the flashing secured around the skylight:

September 30. Nailing up the last shingles:

West side done. The last row needed to be only 5 inches wide so we used the tabs cut from the starter courses:

October 6. I cut away the shingles and tar paper that cover the ridge vent. I had to shimmy along the ridge, cutting away with my utility knife.

This picture shows before and after:

October 7. I rolled out two 20-foot lengths of "brillo-pad" ridge vent along the ridge. I cut standard 3-tab cedar-colored shingles into 12" pieces and blind-nailed them over the ridge vent. I was careful not to overnail so I wouldn't crush the ridge vent material. The last shingle is a 5" width of tab only. I still have to dab some roofing cement on the exposed nails on that last tab.

October 8. I covered the exposed nails on the last tab with roofing cement and removed the planks and jacks. The roof is done:

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