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House Wrap

November 24. I must cover the walls with house wrap before siding. I didn't know what I was doing yet, as is frequently the case when I start the next thing. The instructions say to use cap nails on every stud, 6" to 18" apart. Here is a cap nail:

Here is the first wall with Tyvek on it. I tried to line up the wrap, then put a nail in. Frustrating. The red arrow in this picture shows one of the cap nails:

Here is the back, Tyvek unfurled. You shouldn't install Tyvek on a windy day. Surpisingly, it is very noisy:

Pride prevents me from showing how the back came out. I didn't know what "miracles of science" Dupont was talking about even as I was forced to read it over and over on the wrap. What I learned here: it was easier to staple the Tyvek along the bottom, to make sure it was going on straight and plumb. Then I put a few staples along the top, pulling it taut as I went. I was getting the hang of it by side three:

Here is side four in progress. I measured and marked lines where to cut with a utility knife, to reopen the doors:

Here the first sheet of Tyvek stapled in place. I still have to go back and nail it securely with cap nails, and cut out window holes:

November 25. Two sides have cap nails. I have cut around all the first floor windows and sealed them with Typar tape. Here is an example:

A view from the south west, the trusty stool returns. The south side still needs more cap nails:

December 8. All the Tyvek is on, taped and nailed. Ready for siding.