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Trench Prep

May 10-20, 2007

I cut rebar stakes and tapped them into each corner so that the tops of the stakes were 8" above the water line in the trench. I put mason's line across the tops of the stakes and ran them down the middle of each trench so I could check height with a line level:

The line level did not appear to be as reliable as the water level. A small level showed that the strings were true after some slight adjustments. Then I ran the lines along the trench walls so I would have room to scrape the bottom of the trench where necessary:

Here is the east trench in the process of being scraped:

The mahogany measuring stick shows me when I have gotten to 8" below the line. This trench needs the most scraping. The others are close to or over 8" below the line already.

Here is the trench scraped with rebar lying on chairs:

Rebar in the corner. See how the trench follows the lines:

The trench passed inspection, but I couldn't get concrete delivered this weekend (Memorial Day) so I dug the holes for the center piers. X marks the spot:

Hole dug. Do I need to put a concrete tube in this hole? Monte Burch says, " can simply use the circumference of the holes as the forms for the concrete."

I'll recheck the rebar stakes for correct height, add a few more stakes along the trench walls, then I'll be ready for concrete.

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