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November 3. I cut 12" wide strips of tar paper long enough to go 6" beyond the window frame. I stapled the first strip on the bottom so the side pieces would overlap keeping water from running behind the paper. The staple hammer came in handy again:

Ready for a window:

I put some shims on the window sill, tested the window for fit, caulked along the flange and nailed it in:

This inside view shows the shims around the window. I cut the shims from one of the thousands of scraps of 2x6:

On the next window, I caulked the paper instead of the flange. Easier to apply and easier to handle the window frame when there is no caulk on it:

Here are two finished windows:

November 4. I installed the second story window with help from the kids who passed it out to me on the ladder. I checked level and nailed it in.

Here are windows from the inside. It should be dry with all the windows closed so I moved the flooring plywood from outside into the corner.