First Floor

March 1. Floor joists and a stairwell opening:

March 3.  Floor joists from the basement with the setting sun:

We start nailing on the subfloor, 3/4" tongue and groove plywood.  The hammer-side of the maul and a 2x4 are used to whack the outer plywood sheet into the groove of the sheets in the first row.  We will cover the stairwell floor to prevent anyone from falling in:

March 7.  The floor is done.  Saw horses and lumber are brought up to build walls. The big, flat, level floor is a great place to build walls:

March 10. Two wall sections up:

March 18.  One of two engineered beams for the first floor walls, and a big pile of lumber:

The beams installed:

A view of all the first floor walls:

March 19. The top of the walls.

Walls are tied together by nailing 2x6's (exterior and load bearing center wall) and 2x4's (other interior walls) on top of the walls. These are called top plates.

Venus and Jupiter were doing a slow dance in the evening. Here they are through the mudroom window:

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