Third Floor and First Rafters

April 16. The third floor goes on:

April 17. The subfloor is all nailed down:

April 18. I drew a rafter on the attic floor. I used a tape measure and a chalk line to draw a full size rafter on the floor:

Here is the top of the rafter where it will meet the ridge board:

From the drawing, I could measure the distance from the floor to the ridge: 123.25"

At the other end, I drew the bird's mouth cut, the plumb cut at the end where the subfascia will go, and the level cut on the bottom where the soffit will go:

Then I made a template to cut rafter tails. I fit the template against the bottom of a 2x10, drew the lines:

I also made a full size template. By lining up the cut tail with the full size template, I could draw a line for the ridge cut.

April 20. Here is a cut rafter sitting on the drawing:

Looks right to me.

Along with rafter design, I started building a scaffold to allow us to reach the ridge board:

April 21. Half a ridge board and 2 rafters up. You can see the two support posts nailed to the ridge board. I had marked lines on the boards so we would know how high to raise the ridge. I got the height from my full scale drawing. The ridge is level, the rafters fit.

3 rafters:

4 rafters up, and a lot more sitting on the first floor:

At sunset:

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