Clean Up

August 23 - 24, 2012. After finishing the sunroom wall, it was time to push earth up against the sunroom foundation. There is also a lot of clean up to do in and around the house. I rented a backhoe on August 23 to do several things: push down all the talls weeds that have grown up after the recent rains, push earth against the sunroom walls, dig a trench for the new sewer pipe and move concrete into the old septic tank.:

Here is the broom swept first floor:

All the small pieces of scrap wood have been tossed into a 20 yard dumpster that I rented for this clean up.

I did the same thing on the second and third floors. Here is a view of the third floor after I took down the scaffold we used to build the roof:

I made that T-shaped thing to push all the scrap wood to the edge of the room. The dumpster sits below in the driveway:

How do I get the scrap wood into the dumpster?

< >

Here is the back of the house after I worked on it with the backhoe:

We moved a lot of old concrete to the septic tank, dropped a lot of it into the tank. I dug a trench by the old septic tank:

I was able to reach into the sunroom with the backhoe, break up the earth and concrete in there with the bucket and the maul:

I finished moving old concrete to the septic tank until it was full, then dumped all the remaining big pieces into the dumpster. Heavy work even with the backhoe because the big chunks had to be tipped, shoved or rotated into the front end of the machine: