May 10. We installed the first scaffold brackets. The scaffold will facilitate installation of the fascia at the rafter tails. I cut out very rough openings to get the scaffold brackets on the wall. I'll have to trim the openings. This looks like Fred Flintstone's house:

May 11. We put up 6 scaffold braces on the south wall:

May 12. We finished the north scaffold. I sighted down the rafter tails to see how many might need trimming:

I pulled a mason's line across the bottom of the rafter tails - the end is dangling at the end of the roof in the above photo - to determine how much to trim any long rafters. I cut any excess with the circular saw (details on the south side). In this photo, I am trimming a double rafter with a hand saw:

With the tails all trimmed, we installed the first fascia board, a 16-foot 2x6. It's getting a few nails set with a hammer in this picture:

Here is the north side fascia installed:

May 13. On the south side I measured from the wall to get the most common length of the rafter tails, about 10 inches:

Then I drew a plumb line on each long rafter tail using a combination square. It has a handy level built in:

Cut with the circular saw:

Here is the south side with fascia installed:

Just a few boards left to install. Jack rafters for the dormers:

And fascia for the dormers. Here is the first one:

Three more to go.

May 14. We finished all the trim on the dormers. The fascia is angled at the back to match the slope of the roof, but leaves enough room to slip plywood and shingles under it.

I finally installed the last jack rafters. Not the prettiest job I have done, but it's strong and will support the roof:

The roof is ready for plywood and shingles:

May 15. We sheathed the front walls of the dormers. It is much easier to do this now from the safety of the third floor than to do it later on the roof or on the scaffold. I took this pic with my phone, left my camera at home:

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