Hardwood Floor

April 14, 2013. We chose natural pre-finished solid oak floor from a local flooring company. Here are several boxes in the front hall.

We spread the boxes around the house so they could get acclimated to the house for a couple weeks before we started installing the floor.

Here is the living room with simple furnishings on a plywood floor on April 27, the day we moved in:

April 28, 2013. We started laying floor in the master bedroom. Roll out underlayment and staple it down. This is supposed to prevent squeaky floors:

Pull boards out of several boxes and mix them around to get a random arrangement of color and size. Measure from the far wall to make sure the walls are parallel. Snap a chalk line and start nailing:

Nail the first rows with a finishing nailer. These boards are too close to the wall to allow the use of a flooring nailer:

Most of the boards can be nailed with a flooring nailer. Nails from this pneumatic tool are driven by a firm blow with a rubber hammer. This action gives one final push to the board and drvies a barbed nail simultaeously:

More boards:

When going through a doorway, I snapped chalk lines, lay boards straight through:

The living room with hardwood floor:

Into the kitchen area, I left the board ends untrimmed knowing I would cut them all with the circular saw later:

Here is a picture I took later while laying Wonderboard in the kitchen. This shows the cut line of the floor boards:

The hardwood floor was finished on June 6, 2013.