I have gotten most of my lumber from Dubell Lumber. They also have a kitchen department. They helped plan the kitchen. After several ideas, we went with a U-shaped kitchen for which I will have to build a knee wall at the sunroom wall:

November 10. To realize this plan, I built a half wall between the sunroom and kitchen and I closed the back hallway and the stairwell doorway. We decided we could do without the basement stairway because we already have basement access in the sunroom:

February 12. The kitchen arrives in many boxes:

February 19. Installing base cabinets:

Shim everywhere necessary to make them plumb and level.

February 23. We added 2x4's or 1x2's on walls and in corners to support the future countertops. Some wall cabinets install also:

February 25. I looked at granite slabs in Clemonton, at All Stone Fabricators. I walked along the row of slabs. This one looks OK, this one, too. Then I came to the one below, looks like the surface of Jupiter including a big storm near the bottom. Nice:

So I ordered it on February 27. They came out on the 28th to make a template.

I ordered a dishwasher hoping to install it before they installed the countertops. I installed it in the evening of March 5:

The stone cutters came on March 6, intalled the countertops:

Undermount sink and a bit of the storm rises above the counter in the backsplash:

They matched the pattern on the backsplash with the pattern on the counter where they could:

Great service, great job, solid rock in the kitchen.

July 24. Tiled the kitchen with Castle Stone Harvest:

November 2013. With a microwave shelf over the sink and oak T-molding on the floor, let's call the kitchen done: