Basement Repair

An engineer inspected the foundation:

He recommended repair by reinforcing the block wall with rebar and concrete.

February 25.  The foundation is repaired, including one new course of concrete block.  The new sill plate and the band joists have been installed in this picture:

February 26.  I pulled a mason's line across the width of the building to determine where the triple 2x12 beam will go that will support the first floor.  I screwed some spacer blocks on to the old foundation posts so I could get to work on the beam:

February 28.  Here is the triple 2x12 beam. The top of the beam matches the top of the sill plate, where the floor joists will sit:

Later (March 19), I finished installing new steel posts in the basement. I jacked up the triple beam a fraction of an inch with a wooden post and auto jack, and slipped the new posts underneath. Here I cut the last bit of an old post away, with a new post waiting to move in:

All posts installed:

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