May 16. The roof is coming. I don't want to have leaky dormers, so I decided to have a roofer do the whole roof, plywood and shingles: Roof Masters LLC.

The parts arrived today:

May 17. I could anticipate this roof. I felt it coming, like it was on the wind, flying to my house. That's how I pictured it. It may have happened that way because I didn't see any of it happen. The roofer called at 8 AM while I was at work, said he was ready to start. When I got to the house at 4 PM, the roof parts were gone and there was a roof on the house. The shingles are Fox Hollow gray. As you can see, they are the exact color of a fox hollow. The front:

That black stuff along the side dormer wall is Weatherwatch or equivalent. It is thicker than regular roofing paper and will never leak. It's what I put on the roof under the solar panels on the old house. I asked the roofer to put it over the whole roof.

The south roof:

The west side:

They put ridge vents on the main and dormer ridges and flashing on the dormer walls over the Weatherwatch. Nice. Let's be honest, they did a better job than I would have, and they saved us two weeks easily.

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