August 31, 2012. The windows came. We sorted them to make sure we could get to the windows we will install first: the first floor windows on the porches. We unpacked the first one and prepared the window opening according to the installation instructions. I used a strip of Weatherwatch on the bottom, folding it into the sill. We dry fitted the window to make sure there would be no surprises, then caulked around the window opening on the outside, put shims on the sill and pushed the window into position. Shims on the sides inside, making sure they were snug but not tight enough to bow the window frame. Checked to make sure the window was square and plumb. Nailed it on with galvanized roofing nails into the nailing flange. Then strips of ProtectoWrap over the side flanges. I left the Tyvek free at the top. I have to get aluminum drip edge before I can finish the top:

September 1. We put in eight more windows. All the first floor windows over the porches are in, and the second floor side windows. Relatively easy :-)

September 2. We put the three back second story windows in, then it started to sprinkle. See we have also put more Tyvek up. We did that on August 26.

September 6. The three front second story windows in. That's all we can do for now, until we finish the back sunroom wall.

September 30. We got the back sunroom wall ready for windows by adding a 3' wide strip of Tyvek to the top of the wall:

Then we put in the awning windows. These were the hardest ones to put in because they were heavy and had to be lifted up into the high openings on the wall. Done:

When we tried to put in one of the big windows under the awning windows, we found to my great surprise that the windows were too narrow. I will have to reframe the openings to accept the windows, Andersen C35's. How did I order the wrong ones?? They should have been CW35's. This is what life does to you sometimes: it makes you order C35 windows instead of CW35's.

October 6. I found that the windows were not only too narrow, but they were also too tall. What I thought would take an hour took all day. I ripped down enough Tyvek to expose the wall. Then I measured from the top of the opening and drew a level line along the wall:

I cut into the wall from the outside with the circular saw and pulled up the window sill with the crow bar:

Sill off, cripple studs cut with a combination of circular saw and reciprocating saw:

I toenailed in new 2x6's for the sides of the new frame and reused the old sill:

I repeated this procedure on the other window openings. Here are the new frames centered under the awning windows:

October 9. We installed the windows. It was dusk by the time I took this blurry picture:

October 12. We installed the last two first floor windows, the tall narrow ones by the doors. Another picture at dusk with one of the tall windows reflecting the western sky:

Here is a better pic the next day or so:

November 20. My carpenter friend finally came to close up the outside of the house. He started by installing the dormer windows and one gable window. Here are the dormers with windows:

I want a long ladder like that one. You can see the scaffold under the east gable end from which they installed the gable window. They will be able to do all the trim under the roof from that scaffold also.

December 11, 2012. All the windows are in except two basement windows: