Canon Rebel T3i

October 2013. This "budget DSLR" is recommended for still photography, astrophotography and movie-making. I decided to get one and see. I am very happy with the results so far. I take the camera with me every day. Its good performance in low light makes it possible to take clean, sharp photos where my other Canons would falter. I got the 18mm-55mm zoom with the camera, then quickly bought the 50mm f1.8 lens because it was reviewed as sharp and fast. I got the 55mm-250mm for the long shots. I would need a longer lens still for a bird camera, but I have the SX20 for that.

Here are some T3i photos. Orion was taken on a tripod. The moon and Jupiter were taken using an adapter with barlow lens, seen below the photos. Click on the images below to see larger images:


Jupiter and Moons


Here is the telescope adapter on the camera:

On the scope:

I got a shutter release timer:

I can control the camera shutter with this to take pictures at specific intervals. Here is a time lapse movie where I took a picture every 5 seconds, then strung the pictures together using the "slideshow" option in Vegas Movie Studio: