Oregon Scientific Modification

I modified my cheap, light Oregon Scientific camera to automatically take a picture about every ten seconds. This will be handy for plane aerial photography experiments. I got the circuit from this web page:


I did not attempt to enclose the timer inside the camera since it is already packed. Here it is opened up:

The blue arrow above shows where I found access to the power supply and shutter connections.

Power supply connections:

Shutter connection underneath, I verified the point with an ohm meter:

Here is the timer circuit assembled on a small piece of circuit board:

The high value resistor was 147K ohms in the original circuit giving a timer interval of about 5 seconds. Since the Oregon Scientific takes over 10 seconds to store a full size image (!), I changed R1 to 500K ohms which increased the interval to about 13 seconds. I didn't have a 500K resistor, so I used two 1 meg ohm resistors in parallel.

I finished it by adding an on/off switch for the timer.

One last modification, not shown. I made a small wood insert with a strip of copper to put in the battery compartment. This lets me use lighter AAA batteries instead of AA's which are almost twice as heavy as AAA's.

Ready to fly.

July 14 2005

See Plane Aerial Photography Archive for additional modifications. I tapped the plane battery pack to run the camera and I removed the case and some internal parts to lighten the camera.

July 21