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Canon SX20 IS

I got a new camera for my birthday. I took the first picture (of the camera) with my old Canon A80. I took all the other pictures with the SX20. Most have been resized only, with no other processing.

Click on the thumbnails below to see bigger pictures. Photo 097 was shot from across the room in poor light, on the 3200 ISO setting. Photo 105 is Jupiter and its moons, from left to right, Callisto, Ganymede, Europa, Io, then Jupiter. I have to work on birds in flight (BIF).

I like my new camera.

sx20 016.jpg

sx20 025.jpg

sx20 029.jpg

sx20 068.jpg

sx20 088.jpg

sx20 097.jpg

sx20 105.jpg

sx20 117.jpg

sx20 131.jpg

sx20 138.jpg

sx20 141.jpg

sx20 169.jpg

sx20 172.jpg

sx20 174.jpg

sx20 178.jpg

October 2010

Click on the pictures below to see more pictures.