God or His Brother

Tuesday, 3/29, 2:10 PM

God or his brother has drawn my first born daughter
On the ceiling of my room
I can tell by her color that I don't yet know her mother
Very well, very well, but I will soon

I see her in the water
From the rain, He has taught her
How to smile down on me
And I know from the singing that the bells could be ringing
Before, before I cross the sea

Why He has shown me what will be my history
It's a far cry down His phone line to my brown eyes
Brown eyes...

God or Her sister will make sure I don't miss her
In the morning of the day
And the water from the fountain
Will be coming down the mountain
She'll be standing, standing in the way

Why She has shown me what will be my history
It's a far cry down Her phone line to my brown eyes
Brown eyes...

Oh God, what's the story, are you there behind my poor
Imagination, are the there?
Should I believe in your drawing of my seed
And its dawning are you there, are you there?
Or should I care?

This song inspired by a spot on my bedroom ceiling predicts finding my wife in Tomegbe who lived near the stream fed by the waterfall in Akloa.

Dear P:

Sometimes I go down and eat agasa with S at the intersection in the market. It's good with peanuts. Agasa is a watery, sour, corn-based drink. They put sugar in it. The first time I had it, I said, "no sugar, please," thinking I was being cool and organic. Uhhhaaahhhhaarrrrggghhh. It was horrible and couldn't finish it. Now I take it with sugar and peanuts. Here is a little picture.

I hope this brings to NJ a little of the excitment of sitting around and drinking sour corn stuff.

I talked to the orange girl one day for awhile. I spke a little Ewe to her and that sparked up a little interest. It's good for you to learn Ewe she says. One should find a girl to teach one, she tells me. Ahhhhhhh. Time will tell.

April 3

K has increased my Ewe vocabulary. "Ga ka me petrole la va?" (When will the kerosene be in?) Badou has been out of kerosene for weeks. I had to eat all my perishables. No cheese, no yogurt, no butter. I can still keep a few eggs around and I have peanut butter made by K's sister. I had a bad egg that exploded when I cracked it. All this green-blue foul smelling fluid came out of the egg. I would rather not repeat that experience. If an egg floats in water, chuck it.

April 4, 1983 7:00 PM Monday
The fever left but it lasted 5 days. Then I was fine. I was so healthy in the States. Now I feel a little this way or a little that way all the time. Is there a full week when I felt just fine for the entire week? No matter, really. I’m not dying. I took perfect health for granted is all.
What should I eat? A banana???

April 5, 1983 7:00PM Tuesday
Life is simpler here than in the States. People are more directly connected to the earth. I see it in their bodies and faces. They have what I like to see in people. “No make up.” There are always those games but maybe the rules are simpler, too.
A month at home may be helpful to my psyche. How will I feel about Africa? America?

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