Monday April 25 6:30 AM
It is the Monday after that wonderful weekend in Kougniohou. I could have danced all night so I did. And that beautiful girl! It seems like a dream now. Will I ever see her again?

Here is the Badou - Atakpame road from a portion of a cloth map of Togo:

9:10 AM
Will my Kouniohou dream girl come to Badou? That weekend in Kougniohou. We walked around town on Saturday, drank beer, soda-B, then the dance started after 9:00 PM. I danced with a few girls that were brought to us. The girls didn’t like it and why should they? Then P went to find a girl he knew so I went to find someone and stopped at the first girl, who was quite pretty. So she danced with me. By the third dance we were each very wrapped up in each other. It was all physics; we said nothing to each other. What needed to be said? Did she want me as much as she indicated by the way she touched me? I took P’s key but gave it back when it looked like my beautiful girl was leaving without me. The sun was coming back and she had to be home!

9:00 PM

Of course there is a song about it!



Kougniohou you put an apple in my hand but
You took it away before I had a chance to taste it
Because of you, it's rolled off in the sand
But it doesn't mean my evening plan was wasted

Cause now I remember the color of its skin and
what it feels like, what it feels like
But do I want to taste it once again
Or just let it go by, let it go by


Kougniohou we've got to try again
Before I let the memory
Slip on behind me
It'll soon be June, don't let it be the end
Cause something inside says I'm more than ready

Yes, I want to taste it once again
Don't let it go by, don't let it go by
Cause now I remember the color of its skin
And what it feels like, what it feels like...

April 26, Tuesday 6:00 PM
My mind must be telling it that something might happen soon. This is a vague thing and the only way I know that something is going on is that this feeling I have reminds me of those days with J. It is like my mind is wider awake, perhaps in anticipation. Is anything going to happen? And with whom?

5:25 PM Yes, I want to taste it once again!

April 27 Wednesday 9:00 PM
A day off from school but I have 3 tests to write and class preparations to do for tomorrow.
This is what I think: the weekend in Kougniohou started all those juices flowing again. Hormones that have not been in my system in great quantities for some time are there now and urging me to unite, unite! Why so acute? I was holding that girl. Now I’m ready. Oh.

4:00 PM What a storm! Rain, rain, rain.

April 29, 10:45
Is it the cycle? Or am I just lonely and tired? A didn’t seem very interested in me today. Has it all been hopeful imagination? I must take a step, if I want her, yes.

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