University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

I got an exciting preview of what graduate school could be like in the summer of 1979. After my junior year at Glassboro State, I received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to do research at City College in New York City. I studied ion transport under Dr. G., a City College professor who was also a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

I loved the city. I lived in a summer sublet off Broadway and rode the subway to the high-rise college in Harlem. On the weekends, I roamed the city. There were coffee shops, jazz clubs, folk dancers in Central Park, used-book stores around Columbia.

I came back to South Jersey in August and during my senior year at Glassboro State, I had to choose a graduate school.  In September 1980, I went out to the University of Michigan. I thought I would love Ann Arbor as I loved New York. Everyone said I would. Judge for yourself. A good friend and lyricist gave me a blank note book which he hoped would be filled with songs.  I used it as a journal at the University where I was a graduate student in chemistry. Following are excerpts from the journal.

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