What's New

February 13, 2005. Added Full Moon. Song to follow soon, I hope. Also I added some pictures to the Lome page.

February 5, 2005. Added a new page, Semaine Culturelle. All website pages including all Togo pages are on Lunarpages. Ad-free, banner-free. Song links updated.

January 13, 2004.  Trying www.freesites.ws.   100% ad-free, 15MB of space.  Good deal, if they allow Real Audio.

October 1, 2003.  Switched to ad-supported Fortune City since Angel Towns said no to Real Media files on their free web space.

August 8, 2003.  Copied Togo pages to Angel Towns website, 50 MB ad-free webspace.   Fixed song links.  Added Me Me Me as a Real Audio file.  With all this space, the plan is to include all songs as Real Audio files.

February 2003. Added In the House, Togo by Mobylette, Something Inside and Getting Hot.

October 6, 2001. Added The Peace Corps Song.

February 24, 2001.  Added Arrival in Badou.

January 15, 2001.  Finished Training in Lomé, added Cacaveli, Swearing In, added a Links page, added more links to the bottom of each page.

January 7, 2001.  Added three Lomé pages, links to Wired for Sound and Have a Job on the home page.

December 30, 2000.  Added this What's New page, uploaded Me Me Me to mp3.com, linked mp3.com page to this site.

December 24, 2000.  First Togo pages up, added some sound and video.

December 18, 2000.  Launched web site, Michigan pages only :-(


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