What's New

February 2024. Added a page about building a 0-18 style acoustic guitar. https://crodog.org/018/018build.html

January 2023. Added a page about building a modular synthesizer, http://www.crodog.org/modular synthesizer

October 2021. 1994 Honda Civic renovation.

June 2021. Added a third Togo travelogue, Togo 2021.

January 2021. Finished a travelogue on our February 2020 trip to Togo, Winter in Togo.

July 8, 2019. I added another album page, for Bashing and Banging, my 2015 "Songs of the Month" album.

September 2018. I updated my album page to reflect the new albums I uploaded to iTunes, etc.

February 2018. Added a page about my 3D printer.

January 2018. Added a page about a new tube mic build and a page about a ribbon mic build.

December 2017. I finally finished building my Martin guitar!

December 2016. Added a page about coffee roasting.

August 2015. Add a page about quadcopters.

August 2014. Added a page about the Epiphone ES-335 Pro electric guitar, link on the Guitars, etc. page.

February 2014. Added a page about building a Martin 000-28 guitar.

December 2013. We rebuilt the house, I added pages about building a house. I have updated the Studio page to show the beginnings of a new studio. I built a concert ukulele from a kit from a tool company and then I built a tenor ukulele from Stewart MacDonald. I had to delete my old guestbook due to spam hits. I'm trying a new one called GuestFriend... Bleh. Too much span on any guestbook :-(

August 2012. I went back to Togo for a two-week visit. One long page here.

December 2011. House fire.

October 2011. Added a page on installing an oil furnace.

August 2011. Added a page on installing solar panels on the garage.

June 2011. Added a link to Children's Song YouTube video on the Song and Album pages.

March 2011. Added links to YouTube videos on the Song and Album pages.

February 2011. Put two albums on iTunes, Science and Robots. Download these songs to support my music.

January 2011. Added a trainer/electricity generator to the road bike page.

November 2010. I added a page about building a ball head tripod, link on the photography page.

October 31, 2010. Added a page of pictures taken with my new camera.

June, 2010. Started a page about building a road bike.

February, 2010. Added a page about installing a wood stove in the garage, link on the Garage page.

December 31, 2009. Added a Guestbook to replace the Contact page.

August 24, 2009. Started a site on installing solar panels.

August 18, 2009. Added a page on auto painting.

March 28, 2009. Condensed the Home page. Added a Guitar, Mic and Amp page.

November 2008. Added pages about building an electric car.

September 2008. Added a welding page.

April 17, 2007. Added the first pages about the garage with a link on the home page.

December 10, 2006. Added two aerial videos on the Plane Aerial Photography and Videography pages.

August 10, 2006. Added the deck amp to the Practice Amp page.

July 30, 2006. Added the Travel Electric page.

June 26, 2006. Added links to song tabs in Word format on the lyric pages of every song.

April 14, 2006. Added the philosopher's chair. More amps on the amp page.

March 12, 2006 Added the practice amp page.

February 15, 2006. Crofont works under XP now.

December 23, 2005 Photography page expanded over the last few months to include more pictures, including plane aerial photography. Pictures updated, reorganized periodically. Chemistry link on the home page added to provide problem set answers.

November 3, 2005. Added acoustic version of Scientists.

July 24, 2005 Added Aerial Plane Photography with almost daily updates.

July 12, 2005. Add pages about the GWS Slow Stick, time-lapse photography.

July 1, 2005. Atakpame to Kessibo is up, on the song page.

June 29, 2005. Added lyrics to Atakpame to Kessibo, link on the song page. Song to follow soon. Be patient, Storm.

March 13, 2005 Added guitar refret page.

March 12, 2005. Rotating mirror animations added to the Flash page.

February 20, 2005. Steam engine animated gif! And some words about it on the 3d animation page.

February 5, 2005 Fixed, added links, blue background. Crofont link on bio page! This font apparently doesn't work on XP :-(

January 29, 2005. Added several songs in Real format, each linked from the album pages. Updated the studio page. Trashed left menu.

January 13, 2005 Added Crozier Font. Get it from the left side menu. Pictures uploaded to crodog.org. No more popups, banners.

January 12, 2005. Peace Corps pages uploaded to crodog.org. No more banners!

January 9, 2005 New home page with left-side menu.

January 5, 2005 Crodog.org domain registered with Lunarpages, got 1000MB of webspace.

December 29, 2004 Removed Bass Song to make room for Tube Mic page. Need more space.

April 14, 2004.  Fixed the Order Page!

January 26, 2004.  I posted a Flash animation with links on the home page.

December 27, 2003  Added Scan the Man Intro video animation.   Get there from the Scan the Man song page.

December 7, 2003. Added a link to photos I have taken and stored at Photobucket.com.  mp3.com no longer hosts songs.   Links removed.

September 28, 2003  Angeltowns says no to Real Audio files, so I am trying FortuneCity for Togo pages.  Banners on every page.  Let me know if it's too annoying.

August 31, 2003.  Added more to the Sky pages, the 8" telescope, a Mars picture and some astronomy links.

August 16, 2003.  Added Bass, the song.

August 7, 2003.  I'm trying Angeltowns, a free web space provider to host On A Clear Night.

August 2, 2003 Added The Sky, with links to sky pictures, telescopes, and the kite page.  Updated Everyone Loves a Winner page to link to mp3.com.

July 2x.  Added more links to IUMA.

July 14, 2003.  I linked 4 songs to IUMA site, since I discovered that song links to mp3.com only connect to songs currently posted on mp3.com.   They now only allow 3 songs on their page for "basic" artists.   Also, I added Everyone Loves a Winner to mp3.com.  There are currently 4 songs on IUMA:  Machine Like You, Have a Job, Scan the Man, and Robots.  I added a Scan the Man page and a Scan the Man icon to the Songs page.

July 5, 2003.  I keep adding to the electric bass page.   Added a Corporate Leaders page, will link to mp3.com when (if) it gets approved.   I also added Global Warming to mp3.com to free up more SNIP space by deleting the Real Audio version from my website.  I will add an mp3.com link to the Global Warming page when it gets approved.

June 27, 2003.  Started a bass guitar page which will show the building of an electric bass.

June 15, 2003.  New CD!  Added Hey Listen CD page, changed the order page to include Hey Listen.

May 9, 2003.  Added Everyone Loves a Winner.  I "learned" to play the cello for this song.

March 29, 2003.  Added War Song II, Aerial Kite Photography page, with link added to home page.

February 16, 2003.  Added Energy pages, added Global Warming as a Real Audio file.

February 8, 2003. Added a form to the contact page, added a new order page with order form.  Added Pickup Winding page, added links to the home page, added text to the studio page, various text to other pages.

January 25, 2003. Added the guitar page, showing how I made my electric guitar. Added thumbnails to the home page, updated studio page to include new equipment like the homemade guitar, the POD.

April 5, 2002. Add Robots album, video page.

September 29, 2001. Redid many pages, cleaned them up, removed dead links. Also removed several songs, planning to add others. Ex Tex Mex added to mp3.com.

September 11, 2001. Stared, unbelieving, at the TV.

November 11, 2000. Added Old Ford Van with a link to mp3.com, linked Science to mp3.com.

Real Audio versions, added another picture to the bio page :-)

November 9, 2000. Linked 7 songs to their pages at mp3.com. Added Yes,I'm a Chemist as an mp3 file.

November 6, 2000. Linked Holy War, Pi and Yard Sale to my new mp3.com web site.

September 30, 2000. Added Pi.mp3, updated the studio picture.

September 10, 2000. Replaced Comments form with Email link.

September 9, 2000. Added icons, lyrics and links for these songs: Work Work, Science, Holy War, I Wait So Long, Yard Sale.

September 7, 2000. Added Work Work art, removed Statistics and Probability Intro and Pi video to make room for new album.

August 26, 2000. Added the album cover for Work Work.

June 18, 2000. Replaced Why Are We Here with Dr. Crozier's World.

February 13, 2000. Added the album cover for Why Are We Here.

January 17, 2000. Added Statistics and Probability Intro video.

January 15, 2000. New multi-page format designed using Sierra Web Studio. Added Pi video, Yes, I'm a Chemist, Album page with Science. Added hyperlinks to equipment manufacturers on the studio page.

November 11, 1999. Added the comments section with form, and added a link to Windows Media Player.

November 7, 1999. Changed the studio diagram to a real photo, added a few pieces of equipment.

August 10, 1999. Got 5 more megabytes, added Global Warming, Y2K Statement, the studio description and a link to Land o' Zuhl.

July 27, 1999. General cleanup, to make more space.

July 25, 1999. Updated Real Audio so it will "stream," play as soon as you click on the choice. Requires a Real Player.

July 22, 1999. Three songs loaded, in two formats, Real Audio and MP3: Wired for Sound, Do You Know?, Machine Like You.

July 16, 1999. Web page launched.